Rider’s Race Competitive Levels

Naked Rider's Race

Time Limits and Competitive Levels.

Ride Canada believes that the type of effort required to train and race in one of the world’s most demanding challenges should be recognized and rewarded.

Obviously time-limits must be stipulated to provide guidelines that represent the scope of the challenge. However, Ride Canada also believes it is important to not overlook participants that are pushing their limits. In this way we hope to promote the sport and increase participation in our events.

To enable this and still protect the integrity of elite level accomplishments Ride Canada has created three levels of accomplishment. As a result of the many years associated with ultra-endurance cycling events we have observed that many competitors who meet with obstacles that slow their progress to a point where they can no longer finish within event guidelines still continue on regardless of their official race status. This sort of determination combined with our respect for the level of commitment, training and planning that goes into competing in a race such as the Naked Rider’s race Ride Canada has created three levels of recognition which recognize not only the fastest, most capable racers, but also those competitors who strive to reach the finish line. They are: Elite, Competitor and Official Finisher.nakedraceseriestimelimitsRiding a bicycle over 5,000 kilometers and climbing  over 64,000 meters unsupported that is required in the Naked Rider’s Race is a world class challenge and for those successful  an amazing accomplishment.

Participants must be of strong body and mind to be successful and they must possess the bike handling skills required to descend steep mountain roads and how to deal with other obstacles inherent in this type of bicycle racing.

Classifications and Bicycles

‘Keep it simple’ is our mandate for the Rider’s Race in 2014. While statistical data will be recorded, reported and kept in every conceivable division and category the event will be structured in general classifications such as solo riders, 2 rider teams and 4 rider teams.

Riders may ride any bicycle or human powered vehicle desired; road, mountain, single-gear, fixed gear, hand-cycles, recumbent, bikes are all welcome and our race officials will recognize the finishing times of all different bicycle types and human powered vehicles entered. In 2014 each first place finisher will establish a historic course record.

Please consider any of our three races in the Naked series and select the one most challenging and practical for your current fitness level and time schedule. Train hard and ride safe!