Naked Challenger


The Naked Challenger is an ultra-cycling-race contested in British Columbia’s Vancouver & Coast Mountain region, the Thompson Okanagan and the Caribou Chilcotin where cyclists will experience an exceptional, ever-evolving landscape for their journey of personal discovery.

At a distance of 1,617 kilometers that includes 27,200 meters the Naked Challenger is an old school challenge of 1,000 miles that allows racers to unleash the true core of their inner strength. To read more please visit our welcome page here.

The route can be viewed here, the map displayed has some interactive qualities and by simply moving your mouse around the course you will learn what they are. Please visit our draft route here.

Time limits are divided into three levels of accomplishment, the slowest official time recognized is 192 hours or 200 kilometers a day (125 miles). However, if a racer misses the final cut-off time and completes the course they will be provided with “unofficial finisher’s status”. To learn more please visit this link.

Racer information that covers most all details of participation has been compiled on three pages starting here.