Naked Pioneer

naked pioneer ultra-endurance bicycle race

Welcome to the online home of the Naked Pioneer, an ultra-endurance, unsupported, fossil fuel free bicycle race.

The Naked Pioneer tests riders with 2,820 kilometers of racing over 39,116 meters (nearly 128,000 ft.) of climbing while winding its way through the most stunning snow-capped mountains, rich green rain forests, world heritage sites, national parks and wildlife protected areas that Canada has to offer. To learn more please visit our welcome page.

The ultra-cycling race, the Naked Pioneer starts and finishes near the shores of the Pacific Ocean in picturesque White Rock, British Columbia. But, for the riders, the picture abruptly changes with 4 category 1 climbs to conquer the first day. To read more route details please follow this link.

Time limits are divided into three levels of accomplishment, the slowest official time recognized is 336 hours or 14 days. However, if a racer misses the final cut-off time and completes the course they will be provided with “unofficial finisher’s status”. To read more please visit this link.

The route can be viewed here, the map displayed has some interactive qualities and by simply moving your mouse around the course you will learn what they are. Please visit our draft route here.