Naked Cycling and Racing Defined


Naked Cycling – racing the natural way, one bike, one rider and the open road.

There are many types of cycling and events such as; track, road racing, criterium, team, brevets, endurance, gran fondos and randonneuring. All of which are restricted by rules and regulations which are intended to create an even or balanced competition for all participants.  The difficulty with these rules is that they often over complicate issues and add unnecessary costs that prevent involvement. Naked cycling is stripped down to a rider, a bicycle, the open road and a challenge. 

Participation in cycling is a journey of discovery. Cycling is first enjoyed, have you ever seen a child’s face when they first master their two-wheeler? Then with time it rewards and with discipline applied it enriches not only the rider’s body but his or her mind and soul.

Cycling is an expensive sport, especially at the competitive levels. Bikes routinely cost thousands of dollars and most “serious” riders have more than one, clothing, helmets, cycling shoes, heart rate monitors, cycling computers, nutritional supplements and so forth.

In ultra-endurance cycling these costs are compounded by the need for escort crews to be funded by the racers and by some event organizers who charge outrageous registration fees.

Naked Cycling provides a practical alternative: a rider, a bicycle and an open road. Stripped away is the need for escort vehicles and crew. It only requires one bike

Naked Racing does not allow any vehicle support and is governed by the following rules:

Any bicycle or human powered vehicle is eligible but must be equipped with safety lights.

Naked Racing is open to soloists and teams of 2 or 4 riders. In team events each rider must complete the entire route but the advantage for team rider is that they may draft off each other while soloists are not permitted to draft and they gain the camaraderie and companionship of racing with their teammates.

If a rider on a team cannot go on the rest of the team may continue but will remain classified as they were at the start of the race (2 or 4 person team). Each team’s time will be based on the first member of their team to finish but 50% of a team must complete the course for their race to be official.

While the term “Naked” is intended to be representative of the stripped down or back to basics racing clothing is optional (subject to decency laws) but helmets are mandatory. As are safety lights as directed by event race-directors.

All naked cycling  racers are required to carry what they need to complete their race. They may purchase services or supplies along the way as the opportunities present themselves.

Riders need to be equipped to handle simple repairs along the way and riders may use back packs or panniers but trailers are highly recommended.

Naked Racers will be eligible to earn recognition in three levels of accomplishment. Official Finisher, Competitor and Elite with an additional category of Finisher for those riders who fails to meet the Official Finisher cut off time but still complete the course.

To keep it simple racers will be provided with a toll free number to update their status daily. GPS tracking and routing will be available but to keep costs low racers may opt to simply follow our route book and phone in their daily status.

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In 2014 we are proud to present three Naked Races: The Naked Challengerr (1,617 kilometers) the Naked Pioneer (2,820 kilometers) and the Naked Rider’s Race (5,145 kilometers).

Or introductory entry fees are $129 Naked Challenger, $179 Naked BC Pioneer and $249 for the Naked Rider’s Race. Teams rate can be seen on our registration page,

All races and divisions will begin on August 3rd, 2014 in White Rock, British Columbia however special licenses can be purchased and used between June 1st, 2014 and September 30th, 2014 (last possible start date. However it is strongly recommended due to weather conditions people intending to compete in the Naked Rider’s Race do not start their challenge and later than August 15th due to weather conditions in the northern part of the route.  These special licenses will be sold at the same rate as our races. Naked cycling is yours to enjoy.

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