Naked Rider’s Race

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Naked Rider’s Race

An ultra-endurance, unsupported, randonneur style cycling event of epic proportions, the Naked Rider’s Race is an opportunity for a wide range of cyclists to discover exactly how far they can go by competing in one of the world’s truly great challenges of physical and mental stamina: A single-stage ultra-endurance bicycle race over 5,100 kilometers long. To learn more please visit our welcome page.

The Naked Rider’s Race starts and finishes near the shores of the North Pacific Ocean in White Rock, BC. While this may sound idyllic it is a long way from easy as riders encounter 4 category 1 climbs on their first day. In fact the first category 1 climb will significantly spread out the field; being 16 kilometers long, this is our way of saying, “Welcome to British Columbia”. To read more details about this epic odyssey please visit this link.

Time limits are divided into three levels of accomplishment, the slowest official time recognized is 670 hours or 28 days. However, if a racer misses the final cut-off time and completes the course they will be provided with “unofficial finisher’s status”. To read more please visit this link.

The Naked Rider’s Race route map displayed has some interactive qualities and by simply moving your mouse around the course you will learn what they are. Please visit our draft route here.