Racer Information 3


Naked Challenger Racer Information (conclusion)

The Naked Challenger is open to amateur and professional cyclists. The main consideration is safety, and riders must possess strong bike handling skills as descending the mountain roads can be dangerous if uncontrolled. To participate, each rider must organize their own escort crew who enhances team safety and enable riders to concentrate on the cycling. The Naked Challenger is open to soloists and teams with 2 or 4 riders who are over the age of 19 with the physical ability, desire and means to compete.

Riders are timed from the start line to the finish line and strive to attain one of three levels of accomplishment; Elite, Competitor and Official Finisher.

To make the challenge more approachable US. has developed three separate levels of recognition for riders completing the course. These levels of recognition are: Elite, Competitor and Official Finisher. The table below indicates the time limits involved and are for all racer.s in all divisions regardless of age or gender. Please keep in mind that riders are timed 24 hours a day and the pace indicates the average speed to be maintained on that basis. For soloists who will not ride 24 hours a day they will have to maintain a faster on bike time than those indicated in the table below. Riders that cannot maintain the minimum pace will not earn official recognition for completing the Naked Challenger. (These time limits may be adjusted prior to the race start.) Racers will also be recognized by their finishing position within their category and division.