Naked Racing Rules


SOLO Naked Racing Rule

Draft Version 2104-3

General Overview

noseadjusted125lrightThe intent of Naked Racing is to lower the cost of participation by eliminating the need for escort vehicles and crew members. To increase the overall scope of the challenge by making the racer solely responsible for race strategy, management and execution. This includes the portage of necessary clothing, nutrition, bicycle supplies and everything else they may require.

The following exceptions do apply:

Phone support :

1)      A racer may contact an associate to arrange for supplies,  repairs or medical assistance to be made at a location of their choosing.

2)      A racer may consult with an associate to discuss navigational information, weather conditions, the placement of other racers or anything else they desire.

Racers may not participate in any of the obvious methods of cheating such as catching rides, using performance enhancing substances, misinforming race headquarters about their location or acting in a manner contrary to the conduct of a good sportsman. 

Racers alone decide how many hours they ride each day but the course is open 24 hours a day.

All laws and bylaws of the communities on route are to be followed.  Time penalties will be assessed for any racer who are fined by local law enforcement. (Running stop signs, traffic lights etc.)

Racers must equip bicycles with appropriate  reflective tape and lighting to make sure they can see and that motorists can see them clearly as far away as possible.

Any bicycle or human powered vehicle is eligible.

noseadjusted125leftCyclist may use panniers or bicycle trailers to haul their supplies.

Racers will be required to contact race headquarters at least once every 24 hours to report their progress. This will be possible via a toll free number  and texting. (We are currently  assessing additional methods to incorporate)

At his discretion the race-director may  declare certain sections of a race course to be closed in darkness for safety , however there are no known sections currently under consideration. If a racer is caught by a closed section he or she must make the best of it, most likely by resting or performing maintenance, and will not receive any time credits.  

Race officials will be on course in the event of this development.

Naked Racing is open to soloists and teams of 2 or 4 riders. In team events each rider must complete the entire route. Please see the TEAM RACING PAGE to learn about  the TEAM specific rules and the advantages of team participation.

Solo racers are not permitted to draft off of competitors or the general public, however side-by-side riding is permitted for one hour per day. (Team racers may draft off each other.)

While the term “Naked” is intended to be representative of the “stripped down” or back to basics racing the only mandatory clothing is safety helmets. Again though, please remember local laws do apply.

To allow more racers to participate Ride Canada has developed three levels of accomplishment t for each event.  They are Official Finisher (slowest) Contender (middle of the pack) and Elite (fastest riders).